Thursday, February 3, 2011

Motivational Sports Speaker Reviewed By Karate Black Belt

Motivational Sports Speakers

There are motivational speakers out there that come from an athletic or sports background and therefore can be classified as motivational sports speakers. I would be classified as one since my karate background can be considered as sport.

Sometimes martial artists and even karate instructors have been known to sit in on some of my talks. One such example was when Earl Tucker, a 4th dan karate black belt instructor, not only took in my talk but organized the event I did at the Ministry of Transportation in Ontario.

Karate Black Belt Talks About Clint Cora

Earl, who works as a real estate officer at the Ministry of Transportation in Ontario, was caught on video talking about the presentation that I did there as a motivational sports speaker. The video is shown below.

It turns out that Earl and I first met many years ago in the late 1980s when both of us were working at a real estate design consulting firm in downtown Toronto. I didn't stay long there. We met up again just in recent years at a Toastmasters district conference where I was giving a personal development workshop and we were finally able to work on an event together for this talk that I did at the Ministry of Transportation's offices. The event turned out to be a success with a nice turnout in the audience.

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