Monday, November 30, 2009

Other Sister Blogs Also Moved Over

Some of my other sister blogs have also been moved over to a new server. They are my new Martial Arts Blog and Pharmaceutical Sales Blog. Check them out there to at their new location. These were also former Blogger blogs. Of course, my motivation blog is not part of my Canadian motivational speaker website.

I also started a new blog for dog lovers called Life With Dogs Blog too. It has a lot of training videos featuring my Lhasa Apso dogs as well.

Motivation Diversity Blog Now At New Server

I have moved all the old posts from this Motivation and Diversity In Action Blog over to a new server. I'm trying to migrate them to my new blog that is now part of my motivational website. All of my posts in regards to motivation and diversity will now appear there. So check it out at Motivational Diversity Success Blog. Any future posts here on this Blogger blog will be strictly administrative. So I'll see you over at my new blog and Toronto motivational speaker website!